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A rock n roll outfit, seamlessly integrating original rock material with edgy classic rock tunes.

Always Classic! Never Cliché!

At their core, POWR EXPO consists of 3 unique artists: Ax, Jace, Ax, Nish.

Rising from the ashes of past musical ventures, these Boston locals are moving forward with fresh ideas and a new band whose namesake pays tribute to their original stomping grounds.

Starting with the band’s pulse, drummer Jace displays his commanding presence with powerful playing to lay the foundation for the band, with his own stylish twist. His leadership and enthusiasm are ever-present, nor is he short on ideas. He is the beating heart of POWR EXPO.

As a cosmopolitan guitar artisan, Aksel “Ax” has a world style that boasts musical imagery that marries multifaceted melodies, mystical alchemy, striking virtuosity, and classy elegance. He acts in style that acting in his quest of sharing his fiery musical vibe with the world with full-fledged force, passion, and relentlessness. His vocal prowess, stage presence, and musical innovation impose a juicy exotic lead style, and lyrical & melodic “hanging on the cliff edge”. He will pull out the stops and go for a cascading run of torrential shreds when needed. All is done, or at least intended, to be as tasteful as is humanly possible!

Last but not least, Nish, “The Spine”, belting out it out in his trademark seductive but rock-solid vocals. His assertive and professional playing, outlook, and projection can project over the band to tantalize every eardrum in the audience. Regardless of the song: cover or original, he never loses the passion and emotion of the performance. His stage presence, charisma, and dashing good looks capture the audience as he lures them in and wins over more and more fans. Whether he be called upon to hold down the groove or add in tasteful embellishments, whatever the song calls for, Mark delivers in spades.

POWR EXPO is an originals band armed with a constantly changing set list covering rock staples by Zeppelin, Stones, Deep Purple, Black Sabbath, as well as Aerosmith, Guns ‘n Roses, Pearl Jam, hrowing in contemporary tunes by ranging from White Stripes, Metallica to Greta Van Fleet.

POWR EXPO is looking forward to reconnecting with audiences in 2023. With regular gigs across New England, there are plenty of opportunities to catch these guys for a great night of some badass rock music. Work has begun on a fresh new album of original material for 2023.

Let’s rock the boat the fresh authentic and powerful way! 

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